ROLLFIXIES  are currently made in two frame sizes: 

  • M (55 cm): Rider Height   163cm - 178cm
  • L (58 cm): Rider Height   >176 cm 

These should fit the majority of people. However, if these frame sizes are not right for you, please contact us by phone or email and we can provide advice.


As a rider you want to feel comfortable on your bicycle. Choosing the correct size of bicycle is one of the most important decisions when buying a bicycle to make sure that your riding position is the most comfortable possible and maximises your efficiency whilst on the bike. So how do you choose the correct size?

The easiest way is to estimate the correct size based on your height. Fortunately, RollFixies comes in 3 sizes so it makes it a lot easier to work out which bike is likely to be best for you. If you are between sizes we suggest that you go up a size as most people prefer to have a little more room and be a little more stretched out on a bicycle so generally a slightly bigger frame is better than a smaller frame. Another way slightly more complex method is to work out your leg length and match that to the stand over height of a bicycle. The stand over height is the height of the bicycle from top tube to ground and should be similar to your inseam length so that if you stand over the top tube with the bicycle between you legs you can stand comfortably with your feet flat on both sides.