So what's the difference between fixed gear and single speed?
It can be a little confusing, so lets clear it up right now. Our Roll Fixies have a flip flop rear wheel that lets you ride your fixie bike as a single speed or as a fixed gear.

First, lets discuss the single speed?
This is how our fixed gear bikes are set up outta the box. The fixie will ride just like any other bike you've ridden before, it will allow you to coast when you're just cruisin', or going down hill.

Now, what about Fixed Gear?
Riding your bike as a fixed gear allows you to have full control over the rear wheel, letting you pull off awesome skids, tricks and even riding backwards.
So what's the downside you may ask? Well, the biggie is you lose the ability to coast the single speed bike, so you are constantly pedaling.

Our Fixies do come with a safety mechanism called brakes, so no matter which style you want to ride you have front and rear brakes to slow you down.